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Locker Locks


Finding the ideal locker lock that supports the desired member experience is a major decision. Grid both manufacturers and partners with best-in-class lock brands to give your team options based on budget, functionality, and aesthetics.

Each locker lock has its unique advantages, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect fit for your locker. Below show the primary locks that Grid offers to be installed on lockers prior to leaving the factory. Of course, we are to assist, so please contact  our team for further information and to evaluate options.

Head-to-Head Matchup


Smart locks provide cutting-edge convenience with advanced technology, remote access, and lots of helpful management features.



For a seamless and user-friendly experience, our digital locks feature keypads, eliminating the hassle of managing keys.



If it's reliability and simplicity you seek, our mechanical locks, including combination dials and padlocks, offer dependable functionality.




Keypad + Smart Phone Lock

The Bluetooth enabled OCS®SMART is a revolutionary locker lock offering both touchless and touchpad operation. Simply download the OCS®SMART user and/or maintenance apps and operate the lock with your smart phone or device. As a backup- or to store your smart device within the locker- use the wipe-clean hygienic touchpad. With an easy, cable-free installation or OCS retrofit, the OCS®SMART is the ideal locker lock for a healthier, more efficient operation. Now that’s smart locking.

Touchless Operation

Waterproof + Wipe-Clean, Hygienic Touchpad

Advanced Management Features + Smart Apps

3 Colors: Graphite, Silver, White


Keypad Digital Lock

Ideal for lockers and cabinets, Curve Keypad electronic Smart Lock solutions secure your workplace with ease. With shared and assigned use capability, system-wide compatibility, wireless connectivity, and 24/7 anytime/anywhere cloudbased management, Curve Keypad Smart Locks offer you a complete secured storage solution.

Shared Use + Assigned User Modes

Bluetooth + Keypad Operation

Advanced Management Features + Smart Apps

2 Colors: Silver, Black


Wireless Networked Smart Lock

Now you can manage your lockers, update and report – from anywhere. The Bluetooth enabled OTS®Pulse is the ultimate in wireless networked locking solutions. Expand by one or one hundred; no wires means simple, cost-effective and secure locking like never before.

Real Time Data + Analytics

Plug and Play Installation

Advanced Management Features + Smart Apps

3 Colors: Black, Black/Green, White



Combination Lock

The COMBI®Pro eliminates the need to manage multiple keys or padlocks in your locker room, saving you the valuable time spent issuing and replacing keys and removing padlocks. In public mode, the user chooses their own 4-digit code that automatically resets for the next user. If a code is forgotten, a simple manager key overrides the lock allowing the locker to be open and lock reset.

Simple Combination Operation

Public + Private Modes

No Batteries

Colors: Silver, Black, White, Any Pantone*


Combination Lock

The Keyless1 provides the perfect locker room experience for both the users and management. Users gain the freedom to easily operate the combination locker lock by choosing their own 4-digit code and can rest assured that their belongings are securely stored in shared or assigned lockers.

Simple Combination Operation

No Batteries

Colors: Silver, Black, White, Gold


Padlock Hasp

The KeylessH3 is the small, simple and secure lock solution. This hasp is ideal for locker room environments where users bring personal padlocks and allows a hands-off approach for managers.

Note: padlocks are sold separately and are not included in any sale of locker locks

Integrated anti-rotation system triggered by padlock

Battery, Wire and Key-free

Ergonomic Knob Doubles as Handle

Colors: Silver, Black, White, Gold


Stainless Steel Padlock Hasp

Engineered for a simple, high security solution; Grid’s Stainless Steel HS Hasp locker lock is produced with a solid 18-gauge metal face plate and pull. The user engages their padlock with the 3mm thick Z-bar protruding through the entire door and mechanically fastened to the inside of the locker. The HS Hasp design is IP55-rated resulting in extreme resistance to humidity ensuring a long-lasting lock solution.

Note: padlocks are sold separately and are not included in any sale of locker locks.

Heavy-Duty, Solid Stainless Steel

Users Bring their own Padlocks

High Security with 3mm Z-Bar

Color: Brushed Stainless Steel

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