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Sports Flooring

Flooring Solutions

For Free Weights + Lifting

From basic free weights to Olympic-style lifting and everything in between, our flooring solutions are built specifically for the different functional areas of your fitness facility. Permanent setups, like our rolled rubber flooring, is offered in various thicknesses and optional supporting layers to meet the energy absorption, restitution, and force reduction needs of each designated workout area. For added flexibility, our temporary installations feature modular tiles, allowing for easy reconfiguration and relocation as needed. Across our range of flooring options, safety, functionality, and sustainability are paramount, ensuring the ideal setup for members to maximize their strength training routines.

For Cardio + Selectorized Strength Training

Whether you’re engaging in high-impact cardio routines or utilizing selectorized strength equipment; our vinyl, regrind, and vulcanized rubber flooring excels at providing essential shock absorption and support to ensure minimal impact on joints and equipment. With a diverse range of options in terms of colors, patterns, thicknesses, and styles, our flooring not only prioritizes safety and functionality but is also designed to complement the aesthetics of your fitness space.

For Functional Training

If lunging, pushing sleds, conquering agility ladder drills, or taking on battle ropes is your focus, our training turf and regrind rubber flooring options are the way to go.  Built specifically to deliver the durability, shock absorption, and traction needed for these dynamic activities, you can count on Grid’s safe, high-performance flooring to go the distance.

For Group Fitness, Cycling, Dance + Yoga

Our vinyl and vulcanized rubber flooring solutions are ideal for group exercise, dance, spin classes, and yoga environments. Vinyl flooring features a classic wood aesthetic while providing a resilient surface. Vulcanized rubber offers exceptional stability and shock absorption, ideal for light weights and equipment, and its modern appeal lends a contemporary touch. In yoga studios, both vinyl and vulcanized rubber options provide cushioning and traction for a harmonious practice.

For Athletics

Our weight-room and athletic flooring lineup boasts a range of top-notch solutions, including inlaid platforms, sprint turf, and running tracks. Built for exceptional performance and resilience, our athletic surfaces are made to match the rigorous demands of high school and collegiate athletes.

For Locker Rooms

Designed with the unique challenges of locker room environments in mind, our vulcanized rubber and vinyl flooring excels in maintaining both hygiene and aesthetics. The non-porous vulcanized rubber is engineered to resist moisture and withstand high traffic, ensuring a long-lasting and low-maintenance surface. Our vinyl products offer the same resilience with the added benefit of a diverse range of colors and designs, allowing locker rooms to maintain a clean and stylish appearance.

For Lobbies, Juice Bars + Common Areas

High-traffic areas of your facility carry their own considerations, such as longevity, acoustics, ease of maintenance and overall aesthetics. Enter our vinyl, vulcanized rubber, and noise-mitigating regrind rubber flooring systems… expertly designed for common areas with several style, thickness and underlayment options to meet the specific demands of each space.  These versatile options combine style and functionality to enhance the overall atmosphere while addressing acoustic challenges, ensuring an attractive, peaceful, and workable environment for all.

For Childcare +
Play Areas

Our flooring solutions for childcare and play areas prioritize safety, comfort, and creativity. Designed with children’s well-being in mind, our materials offer excellent shock absorption and traction while being easy to clean for a hygienic environment. With a variety of colorful and playful designs, our flooring stimulates imagination, creating vibrant and secure play spaces that parents and caregivers can trust.


Regrind Rubber

Explore our recycled rubber flooring options if you’re looking for a popular, practical, and eco-friendly choice. They not only provide excellent durability, traction, shock absorption, and sound isolation, but also help reduce environmental impact by repurposing materials. This type of flooring is well-suited for fitness spaces and offers a cost-effective solution for creating a safe and functional gym environment. Additionally, their resilience and slip-resistant properties enhance safety during workouts, making it an ideal choice for your fitness facility.

Vulcanized Rubber

If longevity and ease of maintenance are at the top of your list, then our vulcanized rubber flooring is an excellent choice for certain areas of your gym. Boasting a wide selection of vibrant colors and surface finishes, vulcanized rubber was created with designers in mind. Vulcanized rubber also offers excellent shock absorption, reducing the risk of injuries and protecting your gym equipment. Its low maintenance requirements and long lifespan make it a cost-effective flooring solution in the long run, ensuring your gym remains a safe and functional space for years to come.


Discover the next level of fitness training on our high-performance athletic turf. Grid’s dual-fiber Training Turf is a great option for gyms that want a versatile surface for a range of exercises and activities, while low friction single-thatch Sprint Turf is ideal for high-speed sprints and agility training. Our turf systems are designed to offer optimal shock absorption, traction, and energy return, reducing the risk of injuries and maximizing fitness potential.


Our vinyl flooring provides a smooth and resilient surface that’s perfect for high-traffic zones, cardio areas, and group exercise spaces. Vinyl is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic environment for gym-goers. It also offers a wide range of design options, allowing you to create a customized look that complements your gym’s aesthetics.

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