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Vinyl Flooring

Rolls or Planks?

As fitness spaces have evolved over the past decade, the need for a flooring surface that creates an organic ambiance while still fostering performance attributes has become a must-have. Performance vinyl flooring, like our VERSA , is the solution for spaces such as group fitness and studios needing a system that gives the timeless look of wood combined with shock-absorbing technology.

In areas that do not require the performance attributes of VERSA, such as walkways, cardio, common areas and locker rooms; Grid created VERSATYL. These vinyl planks are a luxury surface that are easy to maintain, cost-effective and provide a less slippery surface when compared to other traditional hard surfaces.

If you have any questions, we invite you to connect with our team to assist in helping you select the best-performance vinyl flooring for your space.

Head-to-Head Matchup

VERSA Vinyl Rolls

Versa vinyl rolls are a factory-laminated performance flooring solution that feature a 5/16`` honeycomb shock pad fused to a heterogeneous wear layer for a total thickness of 6.5mm. 78`` wide rolls create a virtually seamless surface after install resulting in a low-maintenance, high-performance system geared towards studios and group fitness spaces.



Slip Resistance
(ASTM D2047)



VERSATYL Vinyl Planks

Engineered for non-performance areas of your fitness facility while still delivering a realistic wood, stone or abstract design. Versatyl is an economic solution that results in a safer, quieter and more premium design than other traditional hard surfaces.

Wear Layer



Slip Resistance
(ASTM D2047)