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Specialty Flooring

Logos & Platforms


Designed, cut & installed by Grid

We design the platforms, turf and basketball courts with our design engineers, provide renderings for final approval before sending to the waterjet for cutting.

Works with all Grid products

No matter the fitness lockers or sport flooring you choose, Logos & Platforms are achievable with everything.

Completely customizable

Logos & Platforms can be created using any colors or branding.

Waterjet & laser technology

Cutting is done at our facility using innovative waterjet and laser technology for the cleanest results.

Inlaid logos & lines

Transitions between logos and lines and the rest of your flooring are seamless.


A 3-piece system with center athlete zone with logo and two drop zones made from super-dense rubber (available in black only).



We offer a variety of custom colors for each of our products, and Logos & Platforms are no exception. Contact us to begin the design process.


Designer resources & downloads
Get a jump start on your next project with fully speced files, color samples, spec sheets and useful installation videos and helpful tips.

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