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A variety of lock options
Grid locks are interchangeable across all lockers. Choose from a range of high tech keyless options, waterproof digital locks or super simple hasp locks.

“How-to-Operate” vinyl stickers
With each project, we include a matte vinyl operating sticker to be placed inside the locker to guide your members.

Pre-installed on door
All Grid lockers come with the lock pre-installed on the door ready for use.

High-Security Hasp

Classic and secure
This is an economic lock that allows the members to bring their own padlock hasp. Featuring a stainless steel face-plate with a high-security thru hasp.


Available in brushed stainless steel.

High-Security Hasp in Brushed Stainless Steel

Ojmar Combi Pro

Keyless combination with a modern, low profile
The Combi Pro is a keyless 4-digit combination lock that allows the user to choose their code. It is the leading keyless mechanical combo lock on the market that is waterproof and has two modes: Shared or Assigned

Colors: Silver, black or white.

Ojmar Combi Pro in White
Ojmar Combi Pro in Silver
Ojmar Combi Pro in Black

Ojmar OCS Pro/Smart

Combination with touch & bluetooth technology
The OCS PRO is the latest generation of touch keypad lock from Ojmar; featuring a durable touch keypad with long-lasting battery, easy programming and sleek design.

Silver, graphite, or white

Ojmar OCS Pro in Silver
Ojmar OCS Pro in Graphite
Ojmar OCS Pro in White


High-tech wireless locking system
The Nexo NLX1 is the next forward-thinking lock. Designed as the first wireless real-time lock system that allows for Bluetooth & RFID operation, remote monitoring and control and data management reports.

Color: Silver

Omjar Nexo NLX1 in Silver

Downloads & Videos

Lock resources, downloads & videos
Get a jump start on your next project with spec sheets and useful installation videos and helpful tips.

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